Who is Uncle Ray?

This raconteur’s stories are found on the back of the packages of corn curls available at  Dierberg’s in Osage Beach, MO.  I really have to research what this guy is all about because he is indeed a true inspiration!

It wasn’t hard to find out more about Uncle Ray with the information-monster: the Internet. Everyone is there, even Uncle Ray who started his business out of the back of a 1961 Dodge Dart. That was 1965 and he would make his chip dips and shrimp cocktail sauce in his small kitchen every morning, load up that Dodge Dart  and then sell it in the afternoon to bars and stores in the city of Detroit. Being successful, Uncle Ray opened up his production in a warehouse in Dearborn under the name of Cabana Potato Chips.

He soon outgrew that first space and in 1983 he moved his production to another warehouse that proved to be too much and in 1993 he was forced to sell his business to climb out of debt. He retired….

In 1993 he was offered to buy back the business and he named it Uncle Ray’s Potato Chips.  Retirement wasn’t that great and he was glad to be back at work.

Uncle Ray began writing his anecdotes and he put them on the back of his chip bags. “Everyone has a bad day and I want to be there with a message”, Uncle Ray wrote. His chapters site real instances about his life and how he came to handle them. When I buy my corn curls with Uncle Ray’s label, I get my inspiration and I know that he is there. His words echo in my mind like the sound of good. It always leads me to doing the next right thing.

Thanks, Uncle Ray! Oh, and BTW, the corn curls are fabulous!!!

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