If He Can So Can You!

2048 If he can Ingvar Kamprad IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad shops in the most amazing places…flea markets and second hand stores. He is not an ordinary gentleman and the almost 90 year-old Swede is not short on cash. His worth is in the multi-billionaire financial bracket, but he wants to save money by shopping for clothing at the thrift-store level.

Mr. Kamprad is not only careful about spending money on new clothes, he watches where he can get the cheapest haircuts.**  Penny pinching is part of his makeup.  Not such a bad quality in these days.

If today’s fashions are hanging on racks in the second-hand shops, why not save some cash and refresh your wardrobe. This is not advice for women only, because the racks are bulging with handsome dress shirts and trendy shorts and jeans plus much more.

The best way to shop, as has been mentioned in my blogs before, is to keep a running list of needed items. If a new blouse in a soft peach color is on your list then shop away. If you are just browsing with the chance of buying, don’t let a good bargain pass but make sure you will wear it.  Closets can become catch-alls if you are not careful. Secondly, nothing is a bargain if it doesn’t fit well or you have no ocassion for wearing the garment.

We may not all become millionaires, but if Ingvar Kamprad can watch his money…why not follow his example.


*photo posted from the website: http://www.rt.com

**GROUPON is making headlines. Fantastic deals on haircuts.

Get Your Style On at 2nd Closet

Winter’s here…clean out those closets, Ladies!

Need new bling?
Need new bling?

Why sit around with clothes that don’t fit anymore?  Bring your favorites to Crafted Creations on Hwy 42 in Osage Beach. Maybe your favorites are now too big or maybe too tight…earn cash for those clothes and shop with Denise for some new fashions. This consignment shop rocks!

Crafted Creations will change names January 1, 2014 but will still carry junior and ladies fashions that are guaranteed to fit your style and your purse.

Find great shoes, purses, jewelry and clothing items that will be your new favorites!

If you have a one-time need for a party outfit, why go to the mall? Check out the holiday beauties and shop with Denise and her crew.

New items are added every week and you are welcome to bring in your consignment items during the week. Please enclose a slip of

paper in the box or bag with your name and consignment number if you have one. Otherwise, let Denise set up an account for you! Go to www.craftedcreationsllc.com for details or call Denise at 573-348-1533

Remember Denise offers alterations and tux rental!

New name will be SECOND CLOSET.

Crafted Creations Will Change Names

The Lake's premier consignment shop!
The Lake’s premier consignment shop!

Crafted Creations at 877 Hwy 42 in Osage Beach, Missouri is a treasure of consignment items for ladies. It is the most charming consignment shop in the area and owner, Denise, makes sure every client feels comfortable and welcomed. The rich colors of the shop makes it a fun place to browse and buy items. Lake residents can find super buys and can bring in consignment items to sell. But the out-of-town shopper can stop by for vacation buys while they are visiting the Lake.

Besides the consignment items, Crafted Creations has an alterations service. ” Jackie is the one that has been doing all our alterations for almost 2 yrs. now.  I do not have any time to do the sewing, just keep up with all the rest of what I am doing (and more).  Jackie is FANTASTIC….  She owned her own alteration and tailoring business for over 30 yrs … and has a fashion design degree from Stephens College in Columbia, MO. She is a very active, very involved in EVERYTHING!” relates Denise.

I have heard from clients the prices are very competitive.

Scrubs galore for any season!
Scrubs galore for any season!
The holidays are coming!
The holidays are coming!

Denise at crafted creations 011 Denise at crafted creations 012 Denise at crafted creations 016

Great fabrics and rich colors!
Great fabrics and rich colors!
Out-of-town customers shop for great bargains!
Out-of-town customers shop for great bargains!

Denise at crafted creations 002

Crafted Creations just doesn’t say it right because it is so much more,” Denise says. “Soon we will be known as Second Closet.”

You owe it to yourself if you live at the Lake or you are coming to Lake of the Ozarks to stop by and see the fashions Denise has to offer. You won’t be disappointed!

Go to http://www.craftedcreationsllc.com

for more information.


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