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MAFIA WIFE Lynda Milito I Have a Friend

Listen to the interview and you will want to read the book.  Lynda lives in Boca Raton, Florida and invites you to her Facebook page to leave your comments.

The hardcover book is available by messaging on Facebook. The autographed book is $49.95 payable to Lynda…Shipping is included. Go to for the PDF version. It will soon be available in eBook form.

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MAFIA WIFE Lynda Milito

lynda's book


…go to the link below to hear Lynda Milito talk about her life with Louie…

This is the story of a woman and a man and the Mafia.  Lynda has made this revised edition available for the reader on This and the marvelous cookbook is for sale to download on that site.

If you prefer a hard copy book, you can obtain one by emailing your request to me:  Please put Mafia Wife in the subject line. The cost of the hard back book is $49.99.

Lynda is still looking for Louie…the money from the sale of the book helps her to continue the investigation.

Did John Gotti know where Louie is and is Sammy “the bull”Gravano keeping this secret to himself?

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Mafia Wife II Revised $12.99 USD
Mafia Wife Recipe Book $4.99 USD
Both Books $14.99 USD

I Have a Friend

lynda's book

So this friend was part of the mafia

She was because she was married to Louie Milito.  If the husband is a made man, so if the whole family. She didn’t know this until it was too late and the life became terrifying.

What happened to Louie?

Well that is a good question.  He disappeared on March 8, 1988 and hasn’t been heard from since. It breaks Lynda’s heart to have been told lies, but that is part of the life. Where is he?

Sammy “the bull” Gravano must know

Of all the murders Sammy committed, wasn’t Louie one of them?  He says no! You must read Lynda’s book to find out about the relationship Sammy and Louie had. Friends as kids and mob members…what happened?

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