I Know My IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is not a pretty picture!


Everyone is different and those delicious veggies may not be on your side.  Sometimes too much fiber is the worse things you can consume for your irritable bowel syndrome and yet so often the answer  people receive about their tummy problems is to increase their intake of fiber.

Fiber is not the right solution for all of us.  I am not a doctor, but I know my body and my IBS!

person carrying basket of vegetables   For me, I have to eat balanced meals and small ones at that. I have to eat vegetables…preferably cooked and avoid the cauliflower and broccoli family along with brussel sprouts because they cause a lot of gas.

Sweets are out unless I partake in very small quantities.  The high fructose corn syrup is a real problem and I have read about what sugar does in the stomach.  If I want to bloat, all I need to do is lean on the sweets.

What about fruits??

Trial and error…Sometimes if the peel of the fruit is removed, it eliminates the problem.  Peel peaches and apples.  Experiment with fresh fruit and remember good quality canned fruit is always in season.  The trial and error period is a beneficial way to set your diet limitations.

Sure, there is more to it, but let’s start with this.  Conquer your food habits and then you can work on stress and some other healthy lifestyles.  Remember your IBS will be with you forever.  Take it easy!


In Other words…

Learning to live with the irritable bowel is a daily challenge. Your doctor might give you Bentyl or another RX that can calm your digestive system and help ease the cramping.  It is a gut antispasmodic drug. The real challenge is learning to give up foods that cause your distress. Learning to keep a food diary is a pain but so is the effects of improper food consumption.  So there you have it.  Paint a better picture for yourself and eliminate hours in the bathroom or curled up on the sofa.


beautiful blur fashion female
Paint a better picture for yourself….

Dancing with Your Disease

No matter what is the matter, there are answers.  Some are not what you want to hear, but nonetheless, they are out there! And research is being done around the clock to bring more answers!

There is a quote in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous that says in part “…are you willing to go to any length…” and this means in search of an answer for a solution to the disease of alcoholism.  It doesn’t say for a cure, it only means for a solution for today.

Some diseases are incurable, inoperable and totally unmanageable without the help of some medications.  Let me be clear…some diseases bring about major and unbearable pain, but when the patient is willing to learn as much as possible about the disease she or he will hold the winning hand.  Knowledge is power and that is the reason so much information is given to the cancer patient about the specific cancer being treated.  Hopefully the patient will go to any length to learn what to do to become stronger in fighting the cancer and following good health practices.

Migraine sufferers shouldn’t give up.  There are so many different treatments to follow and much information to consider.  Learning and researching is far more engaging than just letting the world go by as you suffer in your incapacitated state. Overwhelmed by pain and suffering accomplishes nothing more than defeat and being proactive is a much more healthy way of dealing with pain.

Even when a cold hits you square in the sinuses, it is better to do all the symptomatic treatments to help ease the pain.  There is no cure…avoid situations when you can and this means setting boundaries around those who are coughing, sneezing and blowing!  Wash your own hands and use sanitizer and clean the mouth piece of that office phone and other equipment your co workers touch.  If you are sick…STAY HOME.  Temperatures indicate illness.

Diseases can range from life threatening to life disrupting.  Cancer threatens lives, IBS disrupts lives. IBS is different for every sufferer.  Learn to live with it! Sad but true, it is not going anywhere and you can’t trick it.  Go to any length to learn your dietary and lifestyle limits.  You can’t cheat because IBS keeps track!  It is very cunning.  Bless those days of harmony when all is well.

Some diseases are discovered too late.  COPD is one everyone wished they had known about when they were young.  When it’s too late for the sufferer, he or she may want to become a spokesperson for that disease. Grandchildren are lucky to have written materials and support from family members who will guide them in avoiding the pitfalls of COPD.

Alzheimer’s has many clinical trials and hopes to find a cure soon. If you have lost a love one from this disease, you have been robbed and so was the patient.  What can be done now?

Some diseases are just your legacy, passed down through the generations and until there are cures, research will continue.  Be active, please, in any research program you can.  Contribute your time, your family profile, and volunteer to help in any way you are able. Dancing with your disease may help someone live a disease free life…it may be you grandchild!