Fashion, Age, Budget …Can I Still Look Fabulous?

As we grow older, we like to know that the styles we are used to wearing are still available and at a reasonable price and the fashion world is including us. My mother wore the same style and brand of bra for the 60 years I knew her.  For one thing, some of us are retired and paying over one hundred dollars or more on a couple of bras is really outrageous because it really eats into the budget. I want my style bra at a reasonable price…is that too much to ask? That’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Some of us are accustomed to wearing underwire  bras with no padding.  Stop in at Wal Mart for a buget buy and most of the bras are the thick molded kind.  If I wanted to look that endowed it would be perfect, but please show some Bali minimizer knock offs…or anything but Playtex!

This seems like such a god awful thing to whine about, but at 70, I am getting a bit overwhelmed with the young market.  Short, short skirts and belly-showing tops are great for the 40 year olds, but that plane has taken flight.  Where are the fun fashions for my group? We neither want or need the criticism for dressing like the kids, but we are young at heart and on a budget.

If you have an in with any designer, let them know we are not OLD, but we are sensible and even a little modest.  We do not have money for top designer clothing, but appreciate a good buy from the discount stores…that includes Kohl’s and Goodys.  Give us color and fresh prints…not the Sears’ prints from my grandmother’s day.  Remember our waist got lost, and our hips didn’t always grow with our belt size.

We want to look fabulous to boost our spirits.  Afterall, being in our seventies has enough challenges! We have earned some fashion respect and self respect.

Asking for all of this, I realize that I am asking alot from the world of fashion. Let’s have a magazine or two that shows us our options.  I often see make up ads for “mature” skin…looking great in your 50’s.  Wow, who didn’t love their 50’s! However, living in the reality of the situation (being 70+), we need the attention of the world of beauty and fashion.

Let us look fabulous!

Can I Pull Off that New Style?

One thing that is fun in today’s fashion world is the freedom to choose many different styles and surely there is one for you!  I know you think some style will never work for you, but believe me it’s all about a touch of modification. it makes sense to start with one fashion item and work around it with glimmers of the new style. Depending on your body type, go for the most flattering style to build confidence and glamour. Everyone is put together differently, so choose to explore the Internet for styles that suit your body type.  That is a lot simpler than looking at the models who may have no shape at all while your curves are dynamite! From the tiniest of Juniors to the glorious plus size figures, you will find them categorized on your screen.

One item at a time!  Try that hip belt instead of the traditional belt that encircles your waist. The small addition to the dress or slack and shirt makes a huge difference in the style changing it from yesterday to today!  Everyone wants to look attractive and slight changes will hone your outfit.

If you are short, please remember to lengthen your look with those rope and chain necklaces that are fashion forward items for the season.Tall girl styles that compliment your height are abundance so forget about being “too tall for that dress!” Clothes are not the only change you can make…develop your hairstyle and makeup to enhance the shape of your face. No one wants to demand those runway extremes; however a little modification goes a long way.

Make an effort to tell yourself you can pull off that new style…it just doesn’t happen overnight. Your style will require that positive mental attitude and a smile.

Senior ladies…you are not beyond your stage of beauty.  Find the color family and “the look” that works for you! Never wear an item that is in your worse color or size. Look your best in your modified fashion from today’s manufacturers..Remember, it takes time to build the new you! It is a new season and it is time to start!

Promise to look your best every day!

“Come Shopping Girls”  2nd Closet in Osage Beach, MO would be a great place at Lake of the Ozarks to pick up some items for your new look!  Check out top rated consignment shops in your area.

Shop for your prom dress now and save money!

1-photo (2)

1-photo1-photo (2)The most wonderful night of your high school years is soon approaching reality. It is hard to find money for that designer prom dress you really want and here is where I give you a great money-saving tip….shop resale. Try not to turn up your nose until you visit shops like 2nd Closet in Osage Beach, MO. There are colors and sizes for every young woman on a budget. The long and the short of prom dresses are there for your pleasure. All that glamour can be yours and at a fraction of the original cost.

Many young ladies invest in a prom dress only to have her thoughts or school requirements change. Since she cannot return this item, she sends it to an upscale resale shop to recoup some of her money. Many gowns are brand new and some are so gently worn that they look brand new and the massive savings are yours.

Money is an issue on everyone’s minds these days and beauty and classiness is definitely on your mind. Do yourself a favor and at least go to a resale shop that carries prom dresses. It will be worth your while in the long run when you step out on the dance floor and feel like a million dollars.

Another tip: Dry clean your 2014 prom dress and tuck it away. Next winter take your dress to a resale shop and continue the cycle.

I am wishing you the best prom night ever and having 5 granddaughters of my own, my wishes are truly sincere. Happy prom dress shopping and go save some money!

Start A New Year and a New You!

Some of us never take enough time for ourselves while others of us think the world revolves around us! Regardless of which kind of person you are, here is a wake-up call to find the beauty in surviving as a real human being. I have opinions about the celebs who are caught up in themselves, self destructing with over indulgence in substances and extreme lifestyles. I also have my opinions about those who suffer their way through everyday never taking time to be grateful. They are caught up in self, but only as a martyr.

Life is a treasured journey for those who find the time to be good to themselves and help those around them. Taking care to look your best each day means simple beauty tips and not elaborate grooming that keeps others waiting at the door of the bathroom.

Is there an elderly neighbor that you can help? Do your parents need some task done that is beyond their abilities? Finding time for others will make you beautiful, keep you out of trouble and help you to maintain serenity and peace.

We say that getting out of ourselves leads to happiness…getting into ourselves to be of service means living a beautiful life! What can I do today to help someone? Oh, and by the way, I don’t have to broadcast my good deed to the whole world! The new you will reap many rewards for a year well-lived.