Highlights of My Tucson Getaway



Part of the Ghost Tour.  Hope your guide is Alecia

This is a most awesome sight and WORTH the fee and the time.




Bisbee 2016
Bisbee is an old mining town where copper and turquoise were the town’s treasures.


Don’t miss the De Grazia Gallery


Your trip to Tucson, Arizona can be as memorable as mine. Take your camera and enjoy the trip over and over again.

SAM_2117 (1)
San Xavier Mission….This is an old and beautiful mission just minutes south of Tucson just off  US 19

Soak in the Sun

Enjoying the winter sun of Arizona, I am inspired by the Spring that is on the way. Although I am a midwesterner, this brief visit to the warmth of the desert fills me with a spirit of joy and serenity.

All my life I have complained about the snow and the damp cold of Missouri and now I fel released from those surroundings.  Can I feel God more in the sunshine and cacti and sand! I truly need to work on my attitude if that’s the case.  I need to feel Him in the cold, dark days of winter and in the heat and humidity of July. I know it is just my human mind that fails me.

Today I appreciate life and vow to slow down in the journey of life. I hope I can accept all days as gifts from God.