Spending Money Made Easy

Spending your hard earned money must yield a lot of satisfaction; however career women need to stay up to date in the styles that lend themselves to a professional look. With kids to feed and clothe, the challenge is to find enough money to keep yourself  looking awesome in comfortable clothing.

The best thing that has happened for women is the resale shop or consignment shop. The resale store takes donations and sells them to profit itself. The consignment shop accepts gently used clothes that are still in style and sells the items with a 50-50 split or 60-40 split for shop owner and consignee.  Shop carefully because even though each item has been thoroughly previewed before being placed on the selling floor, some flaws can be overlooked. Try on each item and make sure the fit is acceptable. It is not a bargain if it doesn’t look and feel great.

Shop the sales at the department stores but remember the resale prices are truly the bargain. Often new items are brought in for consignment…never worn and fresh and stylish. If you want to spend your money wisely, go to the phone book and look for consignment shops.  Make a habit of cleaning out last year’s fashions…open an account…and then shop ’til you drop!

I live in a resort area* and, for our tourists, shopping at the consignment shops allows a buyer to enjoy the variety of clothing that is not from the “local” crowd.  Before you travel, check out the Internet for consignment shop listings. Make plans to shop at least one during your trip.

For the local gals, enjoy refreshing your wardrobe with the gems you will find at the consignment shop in your area.


*2nd Closet…Osage Beach, MO 65065. This shop is located on Osage Beach Parkway (Business 54) across from Steak & Shake just east of Hwy 42.

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