All People are Created Equal?

This is what we are told…all men and women are created equal.

Then we begin to question why does the kid in the the slums do drugs and why does the kid in the suburbs go to private school! How can that be equal birthrights? What about the kid exposed to horrible disease in a third world county compared with the little royal prince whose world is pure paradise!

Does each human being born in this world have the same right to live a good life and enjoy peace and serenity?  This theory may have to be taken deeper than the words themselves, deep into a spiritual world where each individual has that right to live beyond the material world and find joy and wholeness in a world protected by God (Whoever or Whatever that Higher Spirit may be).

It is essential to remember that people do have a choice to choose the path that feels full and secure. Yes, some have no guidance from uncaring parents. This often creates a vicious cycle and it is kept in motion by a sickness that is extremely difficult to break. The equality we are given at birth means there is an answer to the problem of this whirlwind cycle. Among the trapped individuals, this Special Power has sprinkled helpers into the world to give a helping hand to those who want to break the cycle.

The equality given as a birthright means everyone has the right to choose to break the cycle. All men are created with the ability to choose the right path, to live abundantly with peace of mind and to help his fellow man.

Those people born to wealth and abundant love sometimes choose a path of selfishness.  Why? Not everyone wants to live along a path that requires gratitude and giving back so they attempt to get more and more just for their own use. It is the choice they make. They might believe they are not equal to others but far better than their fellow man. There are some of these  people around…they have misunderstood what the promise of equality means.

Believe in equality and stay on your path by sharing your joy. Choose the right path and claim your birthright.

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Save Those Bottles!

This recycled bottle found it has a new purpose!

Here is a bottle that once held some spray. It has a pump and it sprays. There is a cover that acts as a lock for the pump so it makes it very useful for my purpose: I store a small amount of nail polish remover in it for a quick touch up.

I never want to be a pack rat but saving even a few containers satisfies my desire to recycle. My community does not recycle through our waste pickup and I don’t live very close to a recycle center. It is also a matter of finding space to hang onto the plastics. My point is being able to find a purpose for even a few plastic pieces makes me feel better.

Therefore: Think before you throw odd things away. Come back again and I’ll give you another trick I just recently learned😊

Are You Contagious?

Maybe you don’t realize how important you are in the change the world needs. You are important and so am I because love can be as contagious as hate and hopefully love wins. Carrying the message of love begins within each of us and there is no doubt that the wrong message is dominating our world.

So how do you know if you are carrying the right message? Listen to your closest friends and your children and their children. Listen to the message of love. Do you hear hate and prejudices in their conversations? Have those words come from your mouth?

Change begins in your heart because if you feel you are different in color or creed and yours is the only path to righteousness, then you may want to think deeper. No matter your religion, believe in humanity. No, I am not saying the world holds all men in equality, but at the moment of birth, each man is loved and held in God’s hands. What evil the man learns to covet, he is still human…he goes away from what love was meant to be!

With prayer and love there is hope. The evil will always be present in our world and there must be hope for Guidance. Like any disease, we must find the cure…but we need help. Can you be part of the cure?

The color of skin must not be a basis for violence..any color of skin or any creed must be respected, and tolerance and an understanding that each man can choose his own path must be acknowledged.

America has a problem…let’s not confused the terror from foreign soils with the hatred that has grown in this country. Let’s get our own house in order…let’s ask God to help our hate dissolve into love and doing that we might create a worldwide epidemic!

You Are Contagious!

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Highlights of My Tucson Getaway



Part of the Ghost Tour.  Hope your guide is Alecia

This is a most awesome sight and WORTH the fee and the time.




Bisbee 2016
Bisbee is an old mining town where copper and turquoise were the town’s treasures.


Don’t miss the De Grazia Gallery


Your trip to Tucson, Arizona can be as memorable as mine. Take your camera and enjoy the trip over and over again.

SAM_2117 (1)
San Xavier Mission….This is an old and beautiful mission just minutes south of Tucson just off  US 19