Save Those Bottles!

This recycled bottle found it has a new purpose!

Here is a bottle that once held some spray. It has a pump and it sprays. There is a cover that acts as a lock for the pump so it makes it very useful for my purpose: I store a small amount of nail polish remover in it for a quick touch up.

I never want to be a pack rat but saving even a few containers satisfies my desire to recycle. My community does not recycle through our waste pickup and I don’t live very close to a recycle center. It is also a matter of finding space to hang onto the plastics. My point is being able to find a purpose for even a few plastic pieces makes me feel better.

Therefore: Think before you throw odd things away. Come back again and I’ll give you another trick I just recently learned😊

I Bet You Know This Stuff….

There are little hidden secrets that will make everyday living so much easier and in some cases, so much more economical. I feel like you probably already know most of these tricks, but got those who don’t let’s get started!

1.) Refill bathroom hand soap dispensers with slightly diluted shampoo. Pick a color you like! The move away from antibacterial hand soap has allowed this to be an option.

Come back next time for another tip. These are just easy steps in making that buck stretch further or saving a minute here or there. If you are like me, there’s always a need to save time and money.

Hint for the upcoming blog:  Time saving cooking techniques!!