I Bet You Know This Stuff….

There are little hidden secrets that will make everyday living so much easier and in some cases, so much more economical. I feel like you probably already know most of these tricks, but got those who don’t let’s get started!

1.) Refill bathroom hand soap dispensers with slightly diluted shampoo. Pick a color you like! The move away from antibacterial hand soap has allowed this to be an option.

Come back next time for another tip. These are just easy steps in making that buck stretch further or saving a minute here or there. If you are like me, there’s always a need to save time and money.

Hint for the upcoming blog:  Time saving cooking techniques!!


Where is Honesty Today?

  • It’s not just a fleeting code, but it should be part of our dealings with other people and with ourselves.  Yeah, deceive yourself about your motives and sooner or later you will not even like yourself.  The mirrors will have to be covered because you can’t look yourself in the eye when you are a liar or a cheat uness you are a totally incapable individual who is out there somewhere.
  • Where did integrity go? It is still needed in each life no matter how big or little your social status might be. You always answer to Someone, especially that mirror!
  • Are you honorable?  Who knows that about you?  Do you know that about yourself?  You must be willing to go that extra inch or mile to create an honorable aura about yourself. Always be willing to do the next right thing and “…never pass up an opportunity to keep your mouth shut…”*
  • Morality is being stretched way out of shape today…at least it used to be called Morality.  Letting yourself fall into that “everyone else is doing it” mindset is ruining the inner core, the soul, of many young people out there today.  Learn to think for yourself.
  • It is a bit appalling and very much a sad bit of humor when the politicians cut each other down. Where is honesty, ingtegrity if you will, when each can stand up and speak the way they about each other.  Asking them to tell the truth about what they will do seems to be enough.  Do they need to verbally slander each others’ appearances! Get on the ball, Americans, let’s shape an honest nation.

Finding Hope

church In 1863, on Christmas Day, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow penned the poem Christmas Bells as he struggled to find hope in his changed world.  In 1861 his wife died due to a tragedy of fire in their home and his eldest son soon became maimed by the violence of the Civil War. But as Longfellow heard the bells that Christmas Day in 1863, his hope was beginning to return. He was inspired to write Christmas Bells and his soul poured out onto the paper

The poem was set to music by John Calkin who took the liberty of removing two of the original stanzas about the Civil War making it another sweet Christmas carol. You know the carol as I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day. Longfellow longed for hope and peace. Our country is longing for the same, but we are confused as to how to accomplish the goal. Hope is that expectation of something good to come about, but it cannot come if we don’t work for it or strive to find it.  

Writers write and that’s what Longfellow did in his quest for hope. Today the world is caught up in the power of anger and the turmoil of bitterness. Nothing can be accomplished this way. Do the next right thing and no matter the cost of that effort, the reward is priceless. Stand up for the goodness and power of believing in the sound of those Christmas Bells with their message of hope and peace.

However, maybe you don’t hear the bells. Maybe you don’t see the stories that others show you in their actions, but in order to find hope, you must listen intently with your ears and with your heart. It is then that hope will come to you because you will realize that “…God is not dead nor doth He sleep…” as Longfellow wrote and peace and joy will fill your soul.

Longfellow and many like him can inspire us to live a hopeful life, to erase the bitterness and discontent from our moods and surrender to the next right action for ourselves and our families and friends. Some years ago during the Los Angeles riots, Dan Rather, a  notable and admired newscaster said it all begins in the heart of each man. Hope can be contagious. Find hope and spread it around.

Do I Have a Right?

If I don’t have a right to kill another human being just because I am having a difference of opinion or some other kind of misconception, what gives me the right to criticize another person’s style or point of view? As an individual, I have the right to be me…right or wrong. Don’t judge me, let me be. Defend yourself if I am ready with gun or other weapon in hand to do you or yours harm, but don’t just walk up and kill me. The same goes in my actions towards others!

If I am a Jew and you are not, so what? If I am a peaceful Muslim, what gives you the right to judge me? What makes any of us God?  Actually I try to live by the motto of “Live and let live”.  It isn’t in my nature to see things your way, but after all, who am I to set out the workings of your world and your mind!.

Let’s get it straight…I have my priorities of right living ever-present in my mind and I do not condone the ugliness of the world, but unless I can contribute a positive action to help mend some of the evil, then I must seek out other souls that might join with me to pray for God’s guidance. Praying is the substitute for complaining and gossip. Praying and positive effort will work miracles in our world, but I do not have the right as one person to be judge and jury of any situation or the right to take lives.

SAM_1389 SAM_1735When I am tempted to judge the hairstyle or body shape of another person, I ask myself how far would I go to prove that I am “all it”?  Being kind begins in my heart and in my tiny actions…if I would character assassinate someone, could I get so messed up that I could actually pull a trigger or make a bomb?  Where does it start? Where does it end? Do I have a right?

Fashion, Age, Budget …Can I Still Look Fabulous?

As we grow older, we like to know that the styles we are used to wearing are still available and at a reasonable price and the fashion world is including us. My mother wore the same style and brand of bra for the 60 years I knew her.  For one thing, some of us are retired and paying over one hundred dollars or more on a couple of bras is really outrageous because it really eats into the budget. I want my style bra at a reasonable price…is that too much to ask? That’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Some of us are accustomed to wearing underwire  bras with no padding.  Stop in at Wal Mart for a buget buy and most of the bras are the thick molded kind.  If I wanted to look that endowed it would be perfect, but please show some Bali minimizer knock offs…or anything but Playtex!

This seems like such a god awful thing to whine about, but at 70, I am getting a bit overwhelmed with the young market.  Short, short skirts and belly-showing tops are great for the 40 year olds, but that plane has taken flight.  Where are the fun fashions for my group? We neither want or need the criticism for dressing like the kids, but we are young at heart and on a budget.

If you have an in with any designer, let them know we are not OLD, but we are sensible and even a little modest.  We do not have money for top designer clothing, but appreciate a good buy from the discount stores…that includes Kohl’s and Goodys.  Give us color and fresh prints…not the Sears’ prints from my grandmother’s day.  Remember our waist got lost, and our hips didn’t always grow with our belt size.

We want to look fabulous to boost our spirits.  Afterall, being in our seventies has enough challenges! We have earned some fashion respect and self respect.

Asking for all of this, I realize that I am asking alot from the world of fashion. Let’s have a magazine or two that shows us our options.  I often see make up ads for “mature” skin…looking great in your 50’s.  Wow, who didn’t love their 50’s! However, living in the reality of the situation (being 70+), we need the attention of the world of beauty and fashion.

Let us look fabulous!

OTIS says, “Please Step Out”

A new year and a new you?  Take your weight seriously for the sake of your health. It is the toughest habit to break and it will be a constant challenge.  Don’t fall for the lose weight fast scheme…don’t pay money for special food. Do consult a medical doctor for help in managing your weight.  Many of us suffer some weight gain due to the medications we must take. Only your doctor can help you with that.

When five pounds overweight is taken with a grain of salt…it grows to become ten pounds overweight.  It is easy to form a new habit and very difficult to break a negative and harmful habit.  The holidays were tough…Aunt Jane’s fudge, Mom’s fruitcake, huge family dinners and the after dinner ice cream drinks…the pumpkin pie with loads of fresh whipped cream and don’t forget the luscious gravy that covered the plate of turkey and stuffing and buttery mashed potatoes! I get hungry just writing about it.

Wake up…the holidays are over.  It is time to get out the measuring cups and get involved in portion control.  Get a hobby.  Take a walk. Ride a bike. Touch your toes.  Add a bit of movement to your day and not what your body is used to doing. You are attempting to burn some calories and eat good food in the right portion. If I had to give up ice cream, I would be sad, but I can measure out 1/2 cup (yes that is a serving) and enjoy that a few times a week. Don’t add the high calorie salad dressings and do measure.  I love to drown my lettuce in heavy dressings and I slip off the scale every time I start making excuses about being good and after all, it is salad!!! Too bad for my mentality and my lack of any kind of discipline.

Stop wasting time whining about being over weight.  It takes work, time and a real commitment to manage your weight. It won’t kill you or me to eat nutritious food and in the right proportions. Not getting rid of that extra weight is a real killer!