About Evamurraytoday

When this whole idea of freelance writing occurred to me, I decided a pen name that would honor my parents might be the perfect way to approach the situation.  In that way, I would always remember who first inspired me to be me…each in his or her own way, but none the less, my parents were my unconditional love team.  Through all the moments of my life, I knew I could always count on the support from them.

They divorced when I was about three, but that didn’t make a difference to either one.  Love and respect was my mother’s mantra for me to follow when it came to my father and my father’s easy-going attitude was a calming effect for me as I looked at the world around me.  That lasted until my late teens when  I thought I could take over.

As my parents aged and continued with their own struggles, I continued to take the main stage in their lives and enjoyed more unconditional love than any human could possibly expect. I will always remember them and always be grateful that God blessed me with two wonderful individuals who did their absolute best for me!

My mother’s name was Eva although my father always called her Evelyn…go figure that one.  My father’s family name was Murray.  Hence my pen name…Eva Murray. Well take a look through the Internet and we are all over the place.  The distinction is the “today” and I mean that as a tribute to my parents as well because I think I have become part of the person they hoped I would be.

My ideas range from the ridiculous to the serious and from the kitchen to the soapbox.  I am never sure what I might pass on to you so just remember it is only food for thought.  There are no claims to my political correctness or my genius, just a claim to my right to be wrong and in all cases, you have the option to read my nonsence or not.  It’s up to you.

Therefore when you see an Eva Murray, it may or may not be me!  Look for that today and then you will be sure you have the right (write) one!

Please read my other site and feel free to submit your own ideas and recipes!








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