Where did I go? Part 1

Yes, it’s been a while since I have posted anything for the readers, and I’m going to fall on an excuse.

In April of 2018 my husband was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  He was scheduled for surgery and we went to St. Louis from our home at Lake of the Ozarks and he entered the operating room in anticipation that the tumor would be removed. The doctor explained how long the operation would take, and I understood that. There is a board in the surgery waiting area that tell which stage the surgery is in and I knew the surgery, including the exploratory part, would take a total of 4 hours.  I was given a buzzer like the ones in restaurants and would be notified when there were updates by checking the surgery board in the surgery waiting room.

I sat down to have my first cup of coffee and began thinking about my husband and what he would have to do to recover from this surgery. Probably no golf for a week or two and he would probably have a little pain from the surgery just because the docs poked around. He’s a tough guy and even though his golf is the be all and end all of a day, he’d survive. He would be glad to have the cancer under control.

My buzzer sounded. The board displayed the completion of the first part…the exploratory part of the operation. This was indicative the surgery would proceed to the tumor removal because the surgeons had located it. Three hours to go and hopeful and praying for the surgeons.

My sister had arrived by now after her half hour drive from Granite City to Missouri Baptist Hospital in Creve Coeur.  I began explaining all that I knew thus far and we sipped fresh coffee provided by the volunteers. We were in for a long day and we planned to have lunch on the main level where a great little bistro-like area provides snacks, sandwiches and soft drinks.

Out of nowhere my buzzer sounded and I went to look at the board.  “SURGERY COMPLETED” was listed next to my husband’s patient number and I didn’t know whether to feel hopeful or scared. What happened with the tumor and why finish 2 hours early.  The doctor was on his way down to speak with me.

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