Can I Fire My Doctor! Doctors are supposed to help us heal. WHO KNOWS YOU BETTER? Ask yourself why you need to see the doctor. Are you having a specific problem with a specific area of your body or is this just an annual wellness visit? Many of us check in occasionally with minor aches and pains and our doctors usually know us well enough to take an interest in our problems and give us some sound advice on how to handle the problems. Some doctors want to order many expensive lab tests and cover all the bases. Some doctors will reassure patients of the reality of using such tests in each case. Maybe fear of missing something crosses the mind of the insecure doc or he thinks you want those tests. One way or another, you may be the one driving the fear into him. You may be older and consumed by constant pain which is somewhat normal as patients progress towards old age. Joints and bones do have a tendency to show wear especially if those joints have had a rough go in youth, but often repair or replacement is called for and often those surgeries are excellent options. Doctors are supposed to help us heal… and to lend an ear. Compassion is a must for doctors and it goes a long way in our healing process. Medical knowledge is only part of their job. Younger patients will not allow themselves time to get sick and older patients love the extra attention, but what about the doctor who ignores your symptoms too often and offers no relief or suggestions for coping with real pain. What is the doctor himself is so overwhelmed with patient overload that he actually falls asleep while talking with you. (This is a real case scenario. Bored or just tired. Dozing off is really unacceptable.) Get acquainted visits can be crucial in learning more about your new doctor. He wants to know everything about you, but does he realize you want to know about him too? From real life, here is a story about a get acquainted visit. This 68-year-old woman was scheduled to see her new doctor to get acquainted but one day before the visit, she fell off the kitchen counter top and onto the ceramic tile floor flat on her back and cracked her head and rib cage. It took her breath away. No blood and she was finally able to stand up. She was sore for that day around her ribs and upper hip but knew she would see the new doctor in one day. As the doctor greeted her, she told him the tale of falling, which he ignored. He continued with gathering information and her history as she struggled to sit up straight. Her ribs hurt and she was in pain. After 30 minutes he finally addressed her problem and belittled her explanation of where she was hurt. To answer the question: Can I fire my doctor? Yes, by all means you can…good luck!

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