Are You Contagious?

Maybe you don’t realize how important you are in the change the world needs. You are important and so am I because love can be as contagious as hate and hopefully love wins. Carrying the message of love begins within each of us and there is no doubt that the wrong message is dominating our world.

So how do you know if you are carrying the right message? Listen to your closest friends and your children and their children. Listen to the message of love. Do you hear hate andĀ prejudicesĀ in their conversations? Have those words come from your mouth?

Change begins in your heart because if you feel you are different in color or creed and yours is the only path to righteousness, then you may want to think deeper. No matter your religion, believe in humanity. No, I am not saying the world holds all men in equality, but at the moment of birth, each man is loved and held in God’s hands. What evil the man learns to covet, he is still human…he goes away from what love was meant to be!

With prayer and love there is hope. The evil will always be present in our world and there must be hope for Guidance. Like any disease, we must find the cure…but we need help. Can you be part of the cure?

The color of skin must not be a basis for violence..any color of skin or any creed must be respected, and tolerance and an understanding that each man can choose his own path must be acknowledged.

America has a problem…let’s not confused the terror from foreign soils with the hatred that has grown in this country. Let’s get our own house in order…let’s ask God to help our hate dissolve into love and doing that we might create a worldwide epidemic!

You Are Contagious!

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