If He Can So Can You!

2048 If he can Ingvar Kamprad IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad shops in the most amazing places…flea markets and second hand stores. He is not an ordinary gentleman and the almost 90 year-old Swede is not short on cash. His worth is in the multi-billionaire financial bracket, but he wants to save money by shopping for clothing at the thrift-store level.

Mr. Kamprad is not only careful about spending money on new clothes, he watches where he can get the cheapest haircuts.**  Penny pinching is part of his makeup.  Not such a bad quality in these days.

If today’s fashions are hanging on racks in the second-hand shops, why not save some cash and refresh your wardrobe. This is not advice for women only, because the racks are bulging with handsome dress shirts and trendy shorts and jeans plus much more.

The best way to shop, as has been mentioned in my blogs before, is to keep a running list of needed items. If a new blouse in a soft peach color is on your list then shop away. If you are just browsing with the chance of buying, don’t let a good bargain pass but make sure you will wear it.  Closets can become catch-alls if you are not careful. Secondly, nothing is a bargain if it doesn’t fit well or you have no ocassion for wearing the garment.

We may not all become millionaires, but if Ingvar Kamprad can watch his money…why not follow his example.


*photo posted from the website: http://www.rt.com

**GROUPON is making headlines. Fantastic deals on haircuts.

Get Your Style On at 2nd Closet

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