What It Takes to Tell a Tale (or do you have writing in your blood?)

Try as I might, I win a few readers and I lose a few. Do I have what it takes to do creative pieces or is just straight reporting my forte. It no longer matters to me, I just want you to read my ramblings, my deep emotional pieces and most of all my sermons.

Once upon a time I wrote an article for a spiritual magazine and they responded that I was being sermonic. Of all the nerve. Weren’t they a spiritual publication and hadn’t I heard plenty of sermons from those people?

I am quite good at writing fashion descriptions and I did that for about 4 years…after reading what I wrote about a wedding dress you would want to leave the convent and find a groom…and that work did move toward other blog writings and many disappointments.

Lately my blogs have flopped and dropped in popularity .All the rage today is about politics and tech.  Smothering in my own political opinions, I wouldn’t dare share them with anyone. It’s a dangerous move and you already don’t like my stuff! As far as technology, I have had this computer since last Mother’s Day and I still don’t understand all  the features or how to use them to benefit me. So much for a blog about the Intel Atom processor, right?

It would be nice to write fiction like Richard Castle does or write about being a Mafia Wife like Lynda Milito does, but I don’t have what it takes to tell a tale.  My pop could tell a tale, and I should have written some of them down. But nonetheless, writing is either in your blood or it’s not.


2 thoughts on “What It Takes to Tell a Tale (or do you have writing in your blood?)

  1. “I just want you to read my ramblings, my deep emotional pieces and most of all my sermons.”

    maybe theres some variation on this that could help you achieve more of what youre trying to. why do you want people to read your sermons? what do you hope will happen after people read them? what motivates you to write them? perhaps these sound like the same question.

    if i could, id figure out how to tell you how to try smarter, not harder. i dont mean youre not smart– youre asking questions, thats one of the smartest things you can do.

    if people say youre being “too sermonic” perhaps they mean youre not being modest enough (i dont know, ive only read 2 posts so far. so its pure guesswork, nothing personal and not a comment on your writing.) sermons are not just about pushing advice, theyre also about sharing compassionate insight into the frailties and imperfections of mankind. judging the world is easy; loving it is work.

    of course theyre your sermons, so i cant decide your style for you. but really, ask yourself all the questions you can about why you write, what you want it to do, and what youve tried that got followers in the first place. dont spend *too much* time thinking about how you lost readers, its probably common and you shouldnt let it stifle your creativity. but you can always ask yourself what you really want, and why. the answers might help.

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