Where is Honesty Today?

  • It’s not just a fleeting code, but it should be part of our dealings with other people and with ourselves.  Yeah, deceive yourself about your motives and sooner or later you will not even like yourself.  The mirrors will have to be covered because you can’t look yourself in the eye when you are a liar or a cheat uness you are a totally incapable individual who is out there somewhere.
  • Where did integrity go? It is still needed in each life no matter how big or little your social status might be. You always answer to Someone, especially that mirror!
  • Are you honorable?  Who knows that about you?  Do you know that about yourself?  You must be willing to go that extra inch or mile to create an honorable aura about yourself. Always be willing to do the next right thing and “…never pass up an opportunity to keep your mouth shut…”*
  • Morality is being stretched way out of shape today…at least it used to be called Morality.  Letting yourself fall into that “everyone else is doing it” mindset is ruining the inner core, the soul, of many young people out there today.  Learn to think for yourself.
  • It is a bit appalling and very much a sad bit of humor when the politicians cut each other down. Where is honesty, ingtegrity if you will, when each can stand up and speak the way they about each other.  Asking them to tell the truth about what they will do seems to be enough.  Do they need to verbally slander each others’ appearances! Get on the ball, Americans, let’s shape an honest nation.

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