OK, Birds, What’s the Deal?

Are you going to snowbird again or for the first tigreat bplacme in 2017?  Well get a move on and either talk to your current landlord or search for a new place at http://www.vrbo.com.

There are several things to consider: Don’t go into debt…remember your earning power is not increasing; Do go somewhere that suits you not the neighbor guy or the guy from your volunteer job (he may love rain or love taking tours and you may not); How long is too long and how long is not long enough? And what does your rent give you? Don’t do without cable, wifi, pool or that extra bathroom.

Now is the time to lists all the positive and negative points about going to your destination next winter.

Make a list of questions you need to ask if you are a baby snowbird.

  1.  amenities?
  2.  do you pay extra for the utilities?
  3.  closet Urgent Care of Hospital?
  4.   public transportation?
  5.   yearly events?
  6.   average temperatures?
  7.   laundry facilities?
  8.   nearest bank or financial instituion?
  9.  shopping for food/nyouecessities?
  10.   clothing store if some piece of clothing becomes a necessary?
  11.   the exact location of the house, condo or unFit in the complex?
  12.   restaurants even if you will be cooking? entertainment at a bar?

This is a list of a dozen questions and you may have more.  Findng the right spot can be a tedious job but well worth the effort in the end.

Fly, drive or travel by train…snowbirding is great.  Go for it Birds!!



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