Did I Fail You?

Somewhere along life’s path, we find the difference between good and bad.  When we see the good, we feel a sense of wonderment like everything is in it’s proper place. But when life and it troublesome situations begin to wear us down, we feel frazzled and the most horrid sense of failure and despair weighs us down.

There has always been a solution to the problems of life and I think I failed to let you know how it specifically works. It isn’t difficult but it is very uncomfortable until you get the hang of it. To put all your faith in something you can’t see is mind-boggling, but as you learn to let go of your own inferior power and trust in something beyond your understanding, you will allow yourself to surrender.

So who is in charge?  Well it isn’t you or me…but there is a greatness to the universe that was organzied by some power. Let Nature be your power or the God of your understanding, but relinquish what you perceive as your ability to fix life.

If I failed to tell you that life will go on no matter what, I will say I am sorry now.  You m,neay think those around you hold the key to your success or failure, however that is totally untrue.  You will follow the leadings of your own heart to gain your success (and this success may not be a monetary of status success). Searching to do the next right thing is the key…do what is in front of you in the present moment. Even though all of life is integrated, learn to separate yourself from fear and worry as you go along today’s duties.

There is joy everywhere and that feeling of wonderment can be found in the sight of a mountain range, in the sound of a bird or in a ray of sun or a drop of rain.  These are things that we have no control over or are we responsible for their existence, but they are just as we are. Take a deep breath and surrender to a new way of thinking. Know that you part of a big picture and you will be part of the solution to any problems when you realize this.  DO what is in front of you…do the next right thing. Someone bigger than you is in charge of helping you! Just be receptive! Learn to think beyond your problems.

Failing to let you know these things is a problem for which I will always be sorry.

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