That Time of the Year

Sit by the window and watch the little songbirds looking for a bite to eat.  When winter comes to the Midwest, I feel heartless unless I can provide a little treat for the shivering little black-capped chickadee and the gorgeous bright red Cardinal and his lovely bride. Junco and finch alike are looking for a bit of nourishment and they never seem to balk at even the cheapest blend of seed.

Squirrels have taken the fun out of watching my little feathered friends at the feeders…they are too bold and scare the birds away in addition to eating everything in the feeder.

There is a way to help set up a new wave feeding station and it came to me the day while I searched for a receptacle to hold seed.  Then I remembered the old angel food cake bar that was getting more stale by the day. (I get these bakeries at Walmart when they have over baked quantities of goods.)

I split the loaf in half horizontally, put it on the deck floor and sprinkled it with seeds.  It didn’t take long and my friends where feasting!  Good for them.

They provide lots of beauty for me right outside my door.  My mild mannered cat loves to watch them also realizing they are not his prey today.  He finally rolls over in the sunshine and takes a snooze.

It is that time of the year, so get creative about feeding your friends.  Remember, Nature is our free gift!

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