I Hate to Clean My Hardwood Floors

xx005840_aSo did my mom’s friend so she would scuff around on the hardwood floors in the house in some old clean socks every afternoon as she waited for Jimmie and his sister to come home from school. That was the time when moms were just starting to take jobs outside the home and every hour counted.  As the roast cooked in the oven and those wonderful aromas filled the house, the floor got its daily buffing and the kids their daily warning about removing their shoes at the door.  A lot can be said for preventative cleaning.

The same goes at my daughter’s home. A phone call is never a sit down luxury…she huffs and puffs as she scrubs a floor or does the dishes.  Making use of free moments saves time for those parent teacher conferences, the favorite sitcoms and a mystery that is dying to be read.

Never say I didn’t have time to do this or that.  The time was there, the flesh was weak and the brain lost track of how to be disciplined.

I love “to do” lists.  I love scratching off chores I have accomplished. A chore not done perfectly is still a chore done.  Next time I will be more thorough. There will be no white-glove inspection.  This is not the military and life is not meant to be drudgery.

Keep up the good work and come back for more easy house cleaning tips.

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