I Hate to Clean House, I Hate It, I Really Do

What happened to the cleaning fairy…I thought she would be part of my life and she’s not.  Some people report how much they love a clean house, but how do they accomplish that state of dust free, sticky free, clutter free and grime free surroundings?

Ah ha…I think I have found the answer and I am willing to pass along 080911h

my tips if you are up to it.  The process takes a little discipline (not much because that’s not me) and a bit of an open mind about what is perfection.  My idea of good enough means good enough and I will not relinquish that standard.  If someone wants to eat off my floor… too bad for them.  They better have brought some sanitized placemats to use during their meal.

Believe me, I try my best to avoid house cleaning. But here is my first tip. While waiting for the rice to cook, and why does it take twenty minutes anyway, I clean behind the toaster and under the microwave as I listen to the all important news of this suffering world. I can shake my head in disagreement and scrub even harder when I hear something totally outrageous.  Silly as it sounds, at least I clean up toaster crumbs once every 10 days or so!

Do you like that way of thinking?  Well stop back by and get some more cleaning tips as you try your best to avoid the hassle!

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