Who can you believe about government spending?  Do you watch the news and get excited about the gorgeous new décor that the Veterans Administration has placed in one of the main facilities and become saddened that your veteran brother can’t receive treatment for a health issue.  Are you concerned about priorities? Can’t find the story once it aired…neither could I, so it sounds like I made it up.

What about the people who preach about taking care of their community, but can’t find the time to vote on district issues?  Step up to the plate and be a person that stands for something good in your family, community, state and country.

If we have a pinch of human decency, we will look out for someone else once in a while. Buy the cup of coffee the service man or woman who is standing in line to get a cup.  Pull out a dollar bill for someone in the grocery line who is franticly  digging for change at the cash register and offer a smile to the little kid who is getting on your nerves at the check out lane. The smallest effort on your part makes for the brightest part of someone else’s day.

You see our priorities are out of whack in our good old USA. Maybe we think spending is more important than feeling and talking is more important than doing.  Maybe harboring resentments is easier than forgiving and maybe gossip is more important than finding someone’s worth and removing ourselves from character assassination.

I can’t offer solutions for our country or a messed up part of government spending. Who let it get this way…did we not voice our opinion about doing good or did we just let the decay of society continue to the point of apathy? Were we so PC?

There is hope.  Start now. Start with your children. Show them how to respect our world and how to respect the value of the lives who protect us. Teach them that every person is allowed to think outside the box and set priorities; however, these priorities must stand for the good of mankind.  Don’t spoil this by being too left or too right…let’s set priorities for the best for all of us.

Now, stepping off the soapbox, I do feel better!SAM_1920

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