Crazy Thoughts

We all have them…I love good crazy thoughts which inspire me to do something big, and this is about the good crazies!

When have you had an idea that would make your life easier or a thought that would turn into money with some hard work?  Those thoughts are going to take effort and discipline. Organization comes from discipline.  I can plan all I want, spend hours in a dither, but until I put effort into the idea, I have nothing. Dreaming doesn’t make it so; therefore I must set my mind to the “one step at a time mode” and make sure that I do what will help me make progress.

It is necessary to get each task done in its order of priority.  It is easy to get lost and forget what I am trying to accomplish.

What are your downfalls?  Why do you have trouble staying on your path?  Think about it and let’s go forward from there. When you can dream big and do not follow through, do you have a case of procrastination, low self-esteem, laziness or grandiosity? My problem is wanting to be perfect. How funny as I live in a less than perfect world.  Yes, skyscrapers must be built with extreme perfection, brain surgery has very little margin of error, however simple projects can be started, guided along the way and accomplished.  There will be a sense of satisfaction.

When crazy thoughts or silly dreams of making a better mousetrap enter your mind, start with what you already know about mousetraps. Continue with some new thoughts writing them down on paper.  I am assuming if you are a genius you are NOT reading this blog! Try, try again until your new thoughts come together naturally and you are certain this is a better way to do something.  Ask a few friends to try your new way and get some feedback.

Remember this was your crazy thought and it just might not be for everyone. but maybe it can be a time saver or a life enhancing way of doing the same old thing. If you intend to make money from this idea, better test it widely and be prepared for some adjustments. Not everyone is willing to throw money away on some half-baked idea.  A few bad reviews would damage your reputation.

Good crazy thoughts have produced many useful items: potato peeler; water gauge for plants; cell phones; flea combs; tootbrushes and millions and millions more.  The everyday items and techniques we use started as  crazy thoughts and look where those crazy thoughts have brought us today.

This has been light-hearted reading but think of all the medical and scientific mountains that have been conquered by those who have pondered the possibilities of their crazy thoughts: A man walking on the moon and a man receiving an artificial knee replacement barely skim the surface. Hooray for those whoSAM_1839 pursue those seemingly impossible crazy thoughts!

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