Courage in the Face of Cancer

It was just yesterday I was sitting at my computer and President Carter was talking to the press describing the cancer that had gone from his liver to form four tiny spots of melanoma on his brain. I was shocked. He was calm. He chuckled every now and then broke out in that big smile the folks love about him…the peanut farmer who won the presidential race and became the 39th President of the United States of America!

He is quoted as having said he has enjoyed his wonderful life, a great marriage and all the work he has accomplished in his life.

“It’s in the hands of God, whom I worship, and I’ll be prepared for anything that comes,” Carter stated in his conversation. To me, that sounds like one heck of a lot of courage in the face of a real killer. He also said, ” Hope for the best. And accept what comes.”

Whether or not you or I voted for his politics, we have to admire his courage….my prayers are with him and his family!

2 thoughts on “Courage in the Face of Cancer

  1. Carter is the best post president ever. What a great human being. Cancer is an unfair disease, but I know that Jimmy might be quite powerful to get a solid victory against it

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