Hiring is a Tough Job!

There is a magic about making the right hire: That is true if you think it is, but actually, it is a tough job! The process of hiring can cost your company time and money and behind the idea of hiring, there is a need for the best employee to help your company grow and make money.  Hire the wrong person, and your company suffers!

The process of interviewing is essential and often done in the most unprofessional manner which creates problems for the interviewee as well as the company.

Of course, the whole personality and qualifications of the applicant is important!  Family circumstances which would affect the job are crucial highlights of the interview, but what the applicant can provide for your business is often overlooked when the interview becomes too personal.

One of the biggest problems companies face when hiring is to make desperation hires. Filling the position with an unqualified person is not doing the new hire or the company a favor. Sometimes people are hired to fill a job they are truly incapable of accomplishing having no prior skill for the job. Training a new hire is expected, but if the applicant has no aptitude or skill in the area, hiring that person becomes a big waste of money. Hiring is meant to provide growth and profit for your business!

Being completely honest in talking about the job description is a must. If that employee being interviewed is expected to shovel the snow off walkway in front of the retail shop, be sure to ask if that would be a doable task. Are there physical limits? If the applicant has a terrible speaking voice, is that the person to be in charge of answering the phones? Is the applicant presentable to work in a given position and is the hygiene acceptable to work in close contact with your other employees? (The applicant may never present himself or herself better than at this interview!) Will this person work with the public for customer service? Give the applicant some CS scenarios.

Hire the best person for the job…it takes time and energy on your part! Hiring is a tough job! There are no guarantees with any hire, but make sure the hire is the best suited for the position available.

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