The Snowbird Plan…Is Florida Right?

Out-of-town customers shop for great bargains!
Out-of-town customers shop for great bargains!

Snowbirds look forward each winter to enjoying some warm weather to soothe those aching bones. The cold weather does a number on arthritis and some warmth is really appreciated.

Where to go is a challenge unless you already have a favorite spot.  RVs provide a great deal of flexibility and revisiting the same condo year after year can take a lot of stress out of your plans. How warm do you want to be and what are your favorite activities?

Anything warmer than your hometown is probably warm, but is it warm enough!  In my hometown it can get below freezing without blinking so wearing just a sweater in 60 degree weather is a treat; however, I do like it warmer than 60 and I know I will pay for it. The Florida Keys will boasts temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s during January and February (the time of the year that we get away) but the price tag for rentals goes up as the temperatures rise.

Check out for ideas about Florida snowbirding activities. Lots of online help, such as  will fill you in on fabulous vacation rentals from cottages to palaces (great if you have another couple or two for the getaway).

A destination offering lots of water sports does not always match up with one that offers those awesome golf games and shopping can be remote (more that a few miles away) in Central Florida.  Destin and Panama City offer beaches, shopping and golf, but the temps are less than toasty. How important is a sunny beach?

Your best plan must be well-thought out and be fair to both spouses.  If she is a shopper and you are a fisherman, strike a compromise in a city that offers both.  Snowbirding is meant to be relaxing for both partners. Those few months of the year are well-deserved and offer some escapes.

Call it laziness if you want, but picking up a good book in February and stretching out on a chaise lounge on a sandy beach is super! Do I deserve to have that freedom?  I hope so because I am having a wonderful retirement and have enriched my life getting acquainted with snowbirds who flock to the warm weather!  Maybe I will see you sometime!

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