OTIS says, “Please Step Out”

A new year and a new you?  Take your weight seriously for the sake of your health. It is the toughest habit to break and it will be a constant challenge.  Don’t fall for the lose weight fast scheme…don’t pay money for special food. Do consult a medical doctor for help in managing your weight.  Many of us suffer some weight gain due to the medications we must take. Only your doctor can help you with that.

When five pounds overweight is taken with a grain of salt…it grows to become ten pounds overweight.  It is easy to form a new habit and very difficult to break a negative and harmful habit.  The holidays were tough…Aunt Jane’s fudge, Mom’s fruitcake, huge family dinners and the after dinner ice cream drinks…the pumpkin pie with loads of fresh whipped cream and don’t forget the luscious gravy that covered the plate of turkey and stuffing and buttery mashed potatoes! I get hungry just writing about it.

Wake up…the holidays are over.  It is time to get out the measuring cups and get involved in portion control.  Get a hobby.  Take a walk. Ride a bike. Touch your toes.  Add a bit of movement to your day and not what your body is used to doing. You are attempting to burn some calories and eat good food in the right portion. If I had to give up ice cream, I would be sad, but I can measure out 1/2 cup (yes that is a serving) and enjoy that a few times a week. Don’t add the high calorie salad dressings and do measure.  I love to drown my lettuce in heavy dressings and I slip off the scale every time I start making excuses about being good and after all, it is salad!!! Too bad for my mentality and my lack of any kind of discipline.

Stop wasting time whining about being over weight.  It takes work, time and a real commitment to manage your weight. It won’t kill you or me to eat nutritious food and in the right proportions. Not getting rid of that extra weight is a real killer!

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