Not Just for Kids

Before you start your engine:

1.  Check your mirrors and adjust if necessary.

2.  If you want to listen to the radio, set it now.

3.  Fasten your seat belt…it’s the law!

4.  Put your cell phone and other electronics out of reach so you are not tempted to fiddle with them.

5. Have a clear plan or route.

Now…turn on the engine!

Leave with enough time worked into your plan to avoid rushing.

1.  Drive the speed limit…not more.

2. Pass another car only if necessary and you have a clear path to accomplish that change.

3.  Keep your eyes on the road. As little as a 4 second lapse can cause an accident.

4.  You are in control of a killing machine. Respect the road and watch for others who are driving carelessly. Avoid their path.

5.  Yellow light means slow down and proceed with caution. Red light means stop.

6.  Be aware of other cars traveling the opposite directions even if you have a green light.

7.  Use the directional signal when changing lanes.

Arrive safely!

1. Put the car in PARK.

2. Lock your car.


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