Can I Pull Off that New Style?

One thing that is fun in today’s fashion world is the freedom to choose many different styles and surely there is one for you!  I know you think some style will never work for you, but believe me it’s all about a touch of modification. it makes sense to start with one fashion item and work around it with glimmers of the new style. Depending on your body type, go for the most flattering style to build confidence and glamour. Everyone is put together differently, so choose to explore the Internet for styles that suit your body type.  That is a lot simpler than looking at the models who may have no shape at all while your curves are dynamite! From the tiniest of Juniors to the glorious plus size figures, you will find them categorized on your screen.

One item at a time!  Try that hip belt instead of the traditional belt that encircles your waist. The small addition to the dress or slack and shirt makes a huge difference in the style changing it from yesterday to today!  Everyone wants to look attractive and slight changes will hone your outfit.

If you are short, please remember to lengthen your look with those rope and chain necklaces that are fashion forward items for the season.Tall girl styles that compliment your height are abundance so forget about being “too tall for that dress!” Clothes are not the only change you can make…develop your hairstyle and makeup to enhance the shape of your face. No one wants to demand those runway extremes; however a little modification goes a long way.

Make an effort to tell yourself you can pull off that new style…it just doesn’t happen overnight. Your style will require that positive mental attitude and a smile.

Senior ladies…you are not beyond your stage of beauty.  Find the color family and “the look” that works for you! Never wear an item that is in your worse color or size. Look your best in your modified fashion from today’s manufacturers..Remember, it takes time to build the new you! It is a new season and it is time to start!

Promise to look your best every day!

“Come Shopping Girls”  2nd Closet in Osage Beach, MO would be a great place at Lake of the Ozarks to pick up some items for your new look!  Check out top rated consignment shops in your area.

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