When reading the bag is a good thing!

Little kids sit at the breakfast table and read the cereal box while adults find a treasure trove of wisdom when reading the chip bags of Uncle Rays snacks. The best Crunchy Cheese Curls are my favorite and I was lucky enough to find them on my trip to Branson, MO.

This story, Chapter 4 is entitled Can’t Tell a book by its Cover (or a Chair). In this story Uncle Ray writes about resourcefulness. As a young boy he found himself in need of movie money and wondered what he might do to earn it. He saw a stuffed chair at the curb waiting for a trash pickup and he knew that coins often fall in the cushions. He took the fabric off the chair and began to find enough money to pay for movie tickets for a month.

When the owner of the chair saw there was potential in the old, uncovered chair, she was very happy and told Ray to “keep the change”.

Uncle Ray has some great tips about resourcefulness on the bag under the story. It just could bring a new outlook to your days!

You just never know where your next bit of wisdom might be waiting for you!

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