Pleats? They’re Back?

Ladies! Trying to keep up with the trends of fashion and wanting to update your wardrobe is never easy…did you get rid of all your pleated slacks?
If you are wanting to save some money, check out the thrift stores or consignment stores in your area. Surely, someone gave up some nice pleated-front slacks for flat fronts ones.

As a rule of thumb: Select the best of your old wardrobe and put it away for another day. Your outdated fashions will return.

Pleated slacks, according to the Huffington Post, are back. Most all figures will be flattered in the pleats. I find that when I am wearing the right size for my waist (and that is above your belly button), my pants are comfy and look great. There are some styles with pleats that hug the hips. By finding pictures on Pinterest, you will be able to detect a style you like and one which suits your body.

I know that saving your old wardrobe can seem senseless. How many perfectly good items have you discarded for the new fashions on the market? I so wish I had some of the sheath dresses that I gave away.  My body and age are ready to return to some of those dresses. I am not ready for the 60’s or 70’s, but don’t blink because tie-dye and ice-dye are in.  I might have to change my mind!

I still have two pairs of pleated-front slacks and I hope they still fit!  They were just too awesome to discard!

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