Accept Your Nest

When I accepted my empty nest, I began to realize it was up to me to fill that nest with happiness and joy. Those feelings would bring me much closer to serenity than bemoaning my new situation. It can’t be done overnight and it can’t be done all at once, but with a little effort that nest will serve you well.

I found that it was fine to sit for a while and do all the shopping that I ever wanted to do.  No schedule with kids needing me at home and a life style that included only changing sheets and stocking the frig. Slowing I became involved in others’ lives. It wasn’t what I knew at the time, but who I knew. There were a few people in my life who opened doors and I will forever be grateful.

Starting with an interest in supporting the Alzheimer community because my brother-in-law was suffering with that disease, I began to attend meetings where I met some special people.  Before long I was fully submerged in the idea that I could help others.

Helping others became a starting line and I feel I won’t meet the finish line in this lifetime.

Have you considered volunteering?  Your community has many opportunities from delivering mail to the departments of your local hospital (my husband’s gig) to helping with preschool children at your church.

Your nest can be as full as you wish!

I have some ideas for you, but the effort to go out and fill your nest belongs to you!

Come back for more nest-filling projects and thanks for being there for me!

P.S.  Ask around at your church or hospital…who needs your help?

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