What’s My Opinion Worth?

Recently I read or heard someone say that this is an upside-down world. It could be true because I see values changing in this world and especially in a society that used to be a tad more proper, if you know what I mean. I can see things on the Internet that appall me and I am not looking for it. Our fashion culture is a mess…just look at how Rihanna dressed at the latest gala. I chuckled when someone referred to her fashion as one that might indicate it was a porn gala.

To change any or all of this will take time and effort on the part of each individual.I don’t mean the world will change, but we can live with serenity and peace. I do not have to like everything in my world. I’ll bet that my great-grandparents said the same about their children’s society. Imagine anyone wearing a skirt above her ankles! Pretty disgraceful, eh?

Life goes on and things change. How many of us still attend church on Sunday or any other day of the week. We are busy, busy, busy. If we hold God in our hearts, we can go on forever, get through our lives with peace and honor our values as long as we live.

Have you influenced anyone today…have you done something good? For what it is worth, in my opinion we need good thoughts and good deeds! Let’s start with that!

What are your hopes and dreams for our world?

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