Shop for your prom dress now and save money!

1-photo (2)

1-photo1-photo (2)The most wonderful night of your high school years is soon approaching reality. It is hard to find money for that designer prom dress you really want and here is where I give you a great money-saving tip….shop resale. Try not to turn up your nose until you visit shops like 2nd Closet in Osage Beach, MO. There are colors and sizes for every young woman on a budget. The long and the short of prom dresses are there for your pleasure. All that glamour can be yours and at a fraction of the original cost.

Many young ladies invest in a prom dress only to have her thoughts or school requirements change. Since she cannot return this item, she sends it to an upscale resale shop to recoup some of her money. Many gowns are brand new and some are so gently worn that they look brand new and the massive savings are yours.

Money is an issue on everyone’s minds these days and beauty and classiness is definitely on your mind. Do yourself a favor and at least go to a resale shop that carries prom dresses. It will be worth your while in the long run when you step out on the dance floor and feel like a million dollars.

Another tip: Dry clean your 2014 prom dress and tuck it away. Next winter take your dress to a resale shop and continue the cycle.

I am wishing you the best prom night ever and having 5 granddaughters of my own, my wishes are truly sincere. Happy prom dress shopping and go save some money!

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