Start A New Year and a New You!

Some of us never take enough time for ourselves while others of us think the world revolves around us! Regardless of which kind of person you are, here is a wake-up call to find the beauty in surviving as a real human being. I have opinions about the celebs who are caught up in themselves, self destructing with over indulgence in substances and extreme lifestyles. I also have my opinions about those who suffer their way through everyday never taking time to be grateful. They are caught up in self, but only as a martyr.

Life is a treasured journey for those who find the time to be good to themselves and help those around them. Taking care to look your best each day means simple beauty tips and not elaborate grooming that keeps others waiting at the door of the bathroom.

Is there an elderly neighbor that you can help? Do your parents need some task done that is beyond their abilities? Finding time for others will make you beautiful, keep you out of trouble and help you to maintain serenity and peace.

We say that getting out of ourselves leads to happiness…getting into ourselves to be of service means living a beautiful life! What can I do today to help someone? Oh, and by the way, I don’t have to broadcast my good deed to the whole world! The new you will reap many rewards for a year well-lived.

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