The Dying Art

It concerns me the people I know and love forget about the art of saying Thank You! It is as though getting the gift or help is expected by them and they owe nothing in return. It makes me wonder if they received the gift by mail or if it got lost in the mail.

I am probably way too sensitive about this formality; however some of my old-fashioned teachings are so ingrained in me that I feel it is proper to continue with them and unfortunately, I expect everyone to show some gratitude.

One family member began teaching the children to say thank you in person and then in a follow-up note after the gift or event.  It warms my heart that I receive a thank you card with four individual thank you notes in one letter. Postage became an issue so everyone signs on one card and includes a simple greeting.

Recently I sent a wedding check to a close friend and never received a thank you but received the notice of the cashed check from my bank. The couple had requested cash instead of gifts and I honored that request.

Saying thank you is an important formality because it is showing gratitude for being remembered or helped and it lets the giver know that you received the gift. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate thank you, but it is essential for parents to teach the art of saying thank you. Sometimes I think that the attitude of entitlement that is shown today is the worse possible feeling a kid can have. Nothing is for nothing. I didn’t grow up in the depression and my poor family always made sure I had school clothes and a few extras; however being grateful for what I had was a lesson taught from depression-era parents.

Two little words will do it!  Teach the kids the beautiful art of saying thank you. They can communicate those words in a written note, text, phone call or email…just as long as it is said.

One thought on “The Dying Art

  1. It is really important to teach your kids to say thank you and send thank you notes. Kids need to understand that thanking someone lets them know you appreicate what they have done for you. Not just when they receive gifts, but when you visit someone and stay at their house or when someone takes you somewhere special!

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