Let’s Talk about Honesty


Something is really beginning to rattle my cage! What happened to honesty and being responsible?

I am talking specifically about our children and what seems to be accepted by parents and teachers. Are we afraid to set examples and expect the kids to follow us in a life of integrity and truth? Honesty is an asset needed for all the years of our lives.

One blazing example of the lack of honesty is the number of 10-12 year old kids on Facebook. Facebook is a fun, social media tool and there are rules in place to insure the fun and safety of the users. One big rule requires users to be at least 13 years old. OK, but let’s take a look at the lies told about age and the parents help these youngsters sign up! Parents, what example are you setting?

Aunts, teachers, grandparents and adult friends find this atrocious…where is honesty? We know some of those youngsters are not being honest about their ages…they are our friends and relatives. Honesty is a quality respected by higher educators, the courts and future employers, the people we love the most, but the kids don’t learn honesty unless we hold them responsible for their actions and unless we are honest ourselves.

Being dishonest about anything begins to turn value systems upside down. Before long, it is hard to remember which way is up.

Be a parent and teach children the value of honesty. We need to be honest in life!

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