Savannah D Talks to High School Juniors and Seniors

Finding the college that fits YOU- Savannah D

Finding a college can be tricky. All things that could be irrelevant to what you decide could end up being the biggest factor that helps you in college or not. Some people like a big campus while others prefer something more close together. Colleges are designed to help you succeed; it’s just knowing what you want that tops it off. Harvard is designed for law and that is what they are well known for while Princeton is known for its excellent music program. If you wanted to study law, you wouldn’t go to Princeton. For me, I’m not quite sure what I want to do. I plan on going into college with an open mind and a determined heart. Everyone is different and what people want to study is totally what they decide. Now remember, what you chose is going to be your future. Pick something that makes you smile and what you could see yourself doing in 10 years. Many people come in and go out of college still not having decided. That’s just fine! College will help guide you to the bright path of your future so pick one that fits YOU.



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