Lasting Memories on the Dance Floor
Savannah D       ImageImageImageImageImage

Ladies, it’s that time of the year again. Time to schedule your hair appointment and treat yourself to a mani! It’s time for prom and this year the style is HOT. Many girls are choosing to go with a long, flowy dress for easy movement on the dance floor. Hannah has decided to pick an iridescent gown with a detailed band around the waist with sparkles that will catch any eye. She went with a nice color of soft lavender which brings out the green specks in her deep brown eyes. The fabric is soft to the touch and very easy on the eye. The dress falls perfectly on her figure and her kitty heels are the perfect touch. With her tear drop earrings and a simple diamond bracelet, Hannah is all ready to shine under the disco ball. Her hair is done in beach waves, the biggest hair style in right now, and her nails rock a basic, but classic, French manicure. With her makeup finished and her lip gloss shining, she can’t wait to step into that limo and onto that dance floor. Ladies, make sure you make your memories bright like Hannah’s and have a safe, enjoyable night at prom.

If you are looking for Prom Dress advice, please contact us at 573-552-6520 or fill out the contact form on the Home Page.

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