Shopping tips for your next party dress!

I’m not 30 anymore!

The holidays are coming and you have a special party to attend…you need some shopping tips for finding your next party dress.  You want to make a dramatic entrance and look like a million bucks. How will you do that?

Start your search by knowing your body shape and what looks good on that body type.  It is horrible to wish you had an hourglass figure…to realize that you are not as young as you once were and the sand of that hourglass have lost their proportions.  This is information that the aging female hates to acknowledge.  You, like many others your age, wish time had been nicer to you! Don’t worry because you can be as glamorous now as you were in your 30’s.  As a matter of fact, you will be more beautiful because you can be confident. Work on finding the party dress that emphasizes your good features.

Begin looking for your next party dress by shopping in magazines such as ELLE. Steer clear of the very young and provocative magazines…this gorgeous mature you doesn’t need to shock or draw a sexual glance your way.  Look for styles that are classics and find colors that flatter your coloring.

Fabrics are important to you now that you may need to hide a bit of a tummy or hips that you wish were smaller.  Soft fabrics that float down your frame will make you feel fabulous and very feminine.  Layers of tulle and stiff fabrics will only emphasize your less-than-perfect figure. Your next party dress will “hide” the imperfections of aging arms with 3/4 length sleeves or an exquisite bolero. Necklines that flatter are better than necklines that show too much of that ample bosom. Smaller bosoms are enhanced by modest strapless necklines or shutter-pleated bodices.

One more  shopping tip about the length of your next party dress: too short is out and tea length and floor length dresses add a luxurious note to your style. Look lovely and confident in the right party dress.  Follow some simple shopping tips and you will knock them out (with a velvet glove)  when you make your dramatic entrance to your gala event wearing an elegant party dress!

Dress for elegance and the occasion.  Dress for your body type. Shop for the best party dress ever.