The Freelance Writing Gig by Eva Murray

Writing is the most fun job I have every had and believe me, I have had a few.  I have cooked at country clubs, a little  Mom & Pop  restaurant and have earned a culinary status of Sous Chef in Pastry..CWPC from the American Culinary Federation. I have been a barista at Panera’s and I have been an assistant manager in retail clothing sales at Petite Sophisticate.  So many more jobs will go unnamed because they were just jobs. I consider my writing career to be the ultimate job of my life. No, I have not published books or written anything as demanding as text books that seem to bore the students to death. I have written ebooks and I have written descriptions of various items from sewing machines to formal wear.

For a small-time freelance writer like me, a byline is seldom given. The client needs the writing done by someone with perfect English; however he often wants the work to maintain the integrity of the site and not allow personal fame to take over or dilute the impression of the company’s intelligence.  The research is done by the little guy. The little guy doesn’t mind the lacking acknowledgement at the beginning or end of the article. What I want is the money for my time and expertise in providing good writing. Yes, I am the little guy!

I love my freelance writing gig. What I hate is being underpaid because the company doesn’t use what I write in the best way that benefits them. If they are not making money, that is not a problem I have created. I have written other blogs about the industry standards for paying freelance writers. The bosses didn’t read those figures because they are giving less this year than I made two years ago…same company.

Then there are the new sites who welcome writers. pay well and give a byline. It just takes time to find them and I have decided that is my gig for today.  Look over jobs, apply and hope for the best!

Writers unite!  Granted there is a lot of information on the Internet and some of it is blah, blah, blah and incorrect. Good writers write excellent articles and ads for the Web.  Let’s stand for the good of our work and let’s make sure we don’t sell ourselves short.

Happy writing to you!

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